Almost all media in the US and UK is now black supremacist. It's time we face up to the racial supremacy of almost all our media, its hatred of whites...View Details

Black Lives Matter is the KKK for black people and self-loathing whites. It's a racial supremacy movement, and many of its members hate white people b...View Details

Oculus, like many extremist bigoted racist sexist Silicon Valley companies - most of which are now Muslim and Black supremacist companies who hate whi...View Details

Same work same hours - the gender pay gap is impossible on a large scale, the free market prevents it. Men working longer hours in higher paying jobs,...View Details

The left seems nice on the surface. Give poor people stuff. But what if you work 60 hours a week and half your stuff goes to people who have never tri...View Details

The left seems nice, but is full of people with very similar ideologies to Nazis - hate based on race, gender and ethnicity. Instead of hating Jews, t...View Details

Society will be a nightmare if nothing changes. Sharia law enforced on everybody, white men as the untouchable dalit class with original sin, 1984 enf...View Details

The left says White Supremacy is everywhere. But why do we never hear more about Black Supremacy, or Muslim Supremacy? Because Black, Muslim - indeed ...View Details

Mohammad "married" a 9 year old. Today he would be vilified by society and in the sex offenders wing of a high security prison. He also advocated the ...View Details

The potential social collapse of pausing half the economy for weeks or months is not being considered seriously enough. We must restart the economy an...View Details

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