Microsoft is a racial supremacist company. They put black women in videos not on merit, but due to black supremacy and female supremacy. Imagine if th...View Details

We know many things we're not supposed to talk about. We're supposed to say Islam is a 'religion of peace' despite all the evidence to the contrary. B...View Details

Many black people do the work and succeed in the non-racist fair societies we have created in the west. Does some anti-black racism still exist? Yes. ...View Details

We need to learn the truth above all, always, however distasteful we find it. We should never budge on this principle, though Eric Weinstein appears t...View Details

Black Lives Matter really means ONLY Black Lives Matter. You can see this from media, when an unarmed white man is killed by cops it barely gets cover...View Details

'Black Lives Matter' don't want to end discrimination, they want to flip it. They want to enact anti-white racist policies, they hate whites, they thi...View Details

    The Deviant Developer - Intellectual Dark Web Podcast Tap subscribe in any podcast app to never miss an episode Please leave a review on iTunes, L...View Details

Almost all media in the US and UK is now black supremacist. It's time we face up to the racial supremacy of almost all our media, its hatred of whites...View Details

Black Lives Matter is the KKK for black people and self-loathing whites. It's a racial supremacy movement, and many of its members hate white people b...View Details

Oculus, like many extremist bigoted racist sexist Silicon Valley companies - most of which are now Muslim and Black supremacist companies who hate whi...View Details

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